Advertising campaign audit—
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What is it?

This is an examination of the advertising campaign of the customer's business, which is carried out by a specialist on a certain check-list.

For what is it?
To identify gross errors in the advertising campaign, which lead to the drain of the budget or shortcomings, because of which advertising does not bring the desired result;

To identify shortcomings for making certain business decisions (change of contractor, redistribution of marketing budgets, connection/disconnection of channels and tools).
Audit of advertising campaigns
checking the quality and completeness of the semantic core (keywords);
checking the completeness of the use of advertising publisher tools (search, network, classroom targeting, etc.).);
checking account structure and advertising campaigns;
analysis of display strategy and bid management;
checking all sorts of clarifications (minus words, geo-and time targeting, prohibited areas, bid adjustments, etc.) and all sorts of extensions (quick links, pictures, etc.).);
checking UTM-tags or their analogues;
quality and structure audit of ad texts, their compliance with landing pages and keywords;
analysis of different sub settings (site monitoring, the FSD, the constraints of the budget and so on.);
check a few more points, including CTR, display positions, availability of Metrics/Analytics, etc.
The check list for verification
In addition, the customer can put specific questions to the expert ("something is not enough": few appeals from advertising, little traffic (clicks), etc.). The expert will be able to answer them only through the results of the audit.

What is the benefit?

The customer receives the report in any form. Whether it's a brief summary of what he has done well in the advertising campaign, and what needs to be corrected. In addition, he is likely to receive a commercial offer to support the advertising campaign.
Can the customer fix these defects himself or with the current contractor?

Sure it can!
You have to understand 2 things:

1. By the and of Express audit you won't get a detailed technical specification for correction. This is a paid but effective audit.

2. If the results of the audit revealed serious problems in the advertising campaign, it is better to eliminate defects with a new contractor.

In any case, this is the first and important point in restarting the business.
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