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Contextual advertising
Many users do not distinguish between advertisements in the search from the natural search results, or ads from ordinary pictures on the site, so in this article we will consider what is contextual advertising.

Due to the development of the Internet, many companies and private entrepreneurs have their own website; similar to companies in real life. To promote your site, you have to turn to advertising.
Today there are many types of online advertising, one of the most popular is contextual advertising.

This form of online advertising that is customized with special services, the most popular ones are Yandex Direct and Google Ads. Each service is responsible for advertising, which will be displayed on their sites and partner sites.
Google Ads is a popular advertising system that allows you to post ads on Google search. According to statistics, Google has long held the championship in popularity among search engines.Google projects always bring profit and success. It is for this reason that most site owners promote the site through Google Adwords. Advertising on Google services will be in sight of hundreds of thousands of its users, increasing the number of visitors to your site.
Contextual advertising Google Ads
Yandex Direct is a popular contextual advertising service, where advertisers can post ads about services and products. This happens at most in the search engine, as well as on its partner sites (this is the so-called Yandex advertising network or RSYA).Each type of contextual advertising has its pros and cons. For each niche, product and company it is better to set up their own individual advertising campaign and not to follow the template.If you want your site to be loved by search engines and customers - trust your campaign to professionals. Otherwise, you can just waste money and not bring the site to the TOP.
Contextual advertising Yandex Direct
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