Digital outdoor advertising—
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Digital outdoor advertising
Abroad, such advertising is called the abbreviation DOOH (digital out of home). These are digital signs on buildings, transport, street exterior, which are seen by target customers when they go to work, on business, shopping or just walking.

Large-scale and spot advertising

1. Large-scale advertising with mass coverage - its visibility can reach up to of several kilometers; advertising at the same time see thousands of people.

2. Spot advertising is advertising tied to a certain point (for example, on a building where a store or a service salon is located) - very effectively stimulates sales; it is proved that advertising near sales places increases the propensity of people to impulse purchases and helps to quickly make a decision in favor of the brand.
Much more than just a video

Outdoor advertising has become a completely different media with the appearance of large screens.
The possibility to broadcast video content on DOOH turned the whole advertising world. Actually, just beginning to turn - experts of the global advertising industry note that video content on large DOOH has not even reached its peak. So everything is still ahead.
After all, a commercial on a huge Imax screen, and even in the open air will look completely different than on the screen of a smartphone – this is a new scale of perception.

At the same time, the advertiser can not just adapt the video, but do something different, interactive, using the features of the media and its impressive scale.

For example, a Shoe brand shows its ads about waterproof shoes and umbrellas in the rain places, and in the evening or a day off - about evening shoes and bags. This is one of the main advantages of digital formats.
Another benefit is the possibility to replace the creative and make adjustments to it easily.

You do not need to wait in printing house, then take to the surface, do the dismantling of the old pasting and only then hang a new one. When you are working with digital-formats replacement is much faster - in a few clicks.

In addition, digital screens are able to give a much better image quality.
It will not be covered with bubbles after the rain and will not burn out in the sun.
video format increases the perception of the target audience;

3 times more views;

targeting, the ability to create scenarios;

2 times longer contact time with the target audience;

better picture quality;

flexible and efficient advertising; adaptation of campaign scenarios depending on external factors.
Advantages of advertising on digital billboards in comparison with static screens:
Digital outdoor advertising cannot be turned off, closed, skipped or blocked by Ad-block.

This is an opportunity to "catch" customers literally on the go, wherever they are, and then find them online again and remind about your self.

The classic outdoor advertising is gradually exhausting its potential, and it is replaced by a more technological format. It, in turn, does not stand still — all new objects and technologies tend to capture the audience's view.

Have time to benefit while the competition in DOOH is in its infancy!
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