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E-mail newsletter
The role of e-mail lists in the business

Regular e-mailing can significantly increase sales. It's not just reminding about yourself, but it's about to help a client to make a choice. This sales funnel tool can bring a huge profits at minimal cost with the ritgh approach.

How it works?


The main secret is to create a useful mailing list for the client first of all. It supports the customer at each step of the sales funnel, directs to the desired target actions. In addition, a continuous and logical chain of letters draws the client's attention to related products, additional functions, promotions, etc.
To start your own mailing you need to create:
1. Landing page (website, landing).
2. Subscription form on the landing page.
3. Content plan.
4. HTML-template distribution.

Basics of a mailing list based on Google

In Google docs for quite a long time there are "Extras" which include a number of instruments for distribution. One of the most popular - MailChimp. It makes no sense to go to the creation of the letter and run the newsletter, if not prepared all the materials.
What do you need to start e-mail marketing in your business?
What do you need to make the mailing work?

Just go with a certain sequence of actions, follow the script below:

1. Prepare the mailing database (google sheets);
2. Segmented mailing database (to identify and sort the recipient, to eliminate the unnecessary and repetitive);
3. Prepare a letter (title, structure, text, design);
4. Install MailChimp add-on , import tables from Google Drive;
5. Configure mailing (specify source, information, select labels, anti-spam);
6. Run the newsletter (test, determine the launch time, launch);
7. To collecta statistics (opened, not reached to the recipient viewed message).

This script allows you to send up to 6,000 (!) letters free of charge per month.
What recipients will receive?

The created document is enough for the recipients to receive a beautifully designed letter with pictures, links and other benefits.
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