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Radio Advertising
Who said that advertising on the radio is history?

A person rides in a car or sits in a beauty salon, makes a morning jog, wearing headphones or working in the office, in the shop, in the garage - in all these cases, he listens to the radio, which partly consists of advertising.

And we must remember that auditory perception acts no less strongly than visual perception.
The effectiveness of advertising on the radio

Advertising of pipe plant services on children's radio is unlikely to benefit. The effectiveness of any advertising is to determine the target audience. In this point of view, radio advertising makes it possible to easily and seamlessly, as accurately as possible to choose "your" TA, who loves "his" radio station and trusts her. When selecting TA it is important to take into account the theme of the radio station, its focus and contingent.
coverage of the "unaffected" segment of the audience, which basically does not watch TV and does not read Newspapers;

accurate selection of TA;

mobility – radio follows its listeners everywhere, it is enough to put on headphones, stick in a smartphone and tune in to "your" radio;

more target audience during the day than on TV;

various forms of advertising (from classic commercials to promotions and sweepstakes);

the intimacy of radio is the most close to the consumer, is often left him one-on-one;

many listeners trust him more than Newspapers or TV, and consider him a truthful source of information;

stimulation of the listener's imagination - allows him to create images close to himself, and eventually becomes an involuntary participant in the process;

work in tandem - successfully works in tandem with other media, increasing the effectiveness of the advertising company;

a small cost of airtime.
the complexity of the preliminary performance analysis;

low concentration, use as a background;

advertising congestion, fast change of commercials does not allow the listener to remember anything.
Radio broadcasting with the assistance of sponsors; one or more sponsors (store, company, etc.) pays for the acquisition of broadcasting rights of an interesting event (match, award, etc.) and the advertiser receives advertising time.

Radio advertising of point character; advertising time in one program within the General advertising block.

Studio interview; interview in a radio Studio with an advertiser on the topic of actual goods or services.

Mention of a product/service during a radio program.

Sponsorship of the radio program; payment by the sponsor of the costs of creating the program and receiving advertising time during the announcements

The types of records in the air

Jingles – short and memorable records of one or two phrases;

Promotional records of image character increase brand awareness among the consumer as a result of regular listening;

Music tracks – information about the company and the product, supported by music from a popular song;

Role tracks – imitation of certain situations by special actors in the form of a monologue or dialogue;

Classic information advertising records – information read by the speaker with sound or music.
Types of radio advertising
Radio track in the ad block; information about the product, service, event during the advertising pause .

Announcement on the radio; advertising information from the speaker in a special unit. This is the cheapest advertising.
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