The term "remarketing" is little known. It is often confused with retargeting.

So what is "REMARKETING"?

The reality of our business is that business owner usually works24/7/365. Despite the time and money that they spent to attract customers, the result does not bring the desired profit. Only about 5% of website visitors become customers. The remaining 95% at first show some interest, but then leave the website and never come back for some reasons.

Forrester's Research claims that 96% of users leave the site without making a purchase.

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Nowadays it is cheaper to sell goods to old customers than to constantly chase new customers. Remarketing is designed to return old visitors to your website and sell them your product one more time.

Remarketing is a segment of contextual advertising, so it is the code, that you need to install on your website. It analyzes and works only with information about your website's visitors

remembers visitors;

segments visitors to customers and visitors who have not purchased a product;

remembers what and whom they should offer again;

analyzes a lot of information about the effectiveness of previous advertising campaigns and on it's basis proposes to create a new one;
shows a new product advertising campaign on those websites and videos that visitors view and reminds them about this product again and again. A person remembers the product that interested him before and feels joy that he has not lost the offer. After all, according to the research, 48% of the visitors regret that they did not immediately take advantage of the offer and did not buy the goods.
How remarketing works:
Visitors who left your website without buying your products or services will return to your website

You will save money by spending them only on advertising for customers who really want to buy your products or services.

Your advertising titles, texts and the content will be well written and bring you a good CTR and conversion
We have excellent knowledge in the technology of how to return visitors to your website as a clients. You can further get acquainted with our work in remarketing in the reviews of our customers.

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