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The main principles of SEO
The best customers are those who find us because of recommendation from their closest friends.

We see Google as а "Friend" on subconscious level. We don't dispute its opinion. So we trust Google for 1000%.

So imagine! Google tells us: " It is better to go to these websites because you will find there the most relevant information for you "Google ranked websites based on what it considers the most relevant to users.

And we start going through the results that search engine provided for us.

And now let's change the reality: I am a seller and I want Google show information about me in first 3 positions. What should I do?

Here! We can say that SEO is on of the best opportunity to get the recommended by Google.
SEO promotion is a science of it own. There are a lot of different factors that impact your ranking. Search engines will scan the site to determine how easy people could to navigate in your site and read some information. They rewards user-friendly sites with higher rankings on the search engine results page. If you do not create enough engaging and effective SEO-focused content, Google will not rank your website as high as you want.

On the other hand, If you use too many keywords in your pages in purpose to be on a first position ("Never too much of a good thing "), Google will consider that you are trying to manipulate it's algorithms. So Google will decrease your website ranking, which will have negative effect on your sales. If you show even more disrespect for Google rules, then it might even block your website and will never promote it again.

Leave SEO optimization to our specialists. We will do all the work and so you can concentrate on what is most needed.

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