What is Yandex advertising sistem
So imagine! Yandex tells us: " You must hurry up, according to your request here on these sites there is the best information". Yandex distributed sites. And Yandex stacked: "the best at the top."

And we are honestly start to look at the material in accordance with the principles proposed by the search engine.
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Who are the best customers?

These are those to whom our closest friends recommended us and say: "I trust more than myself".

We see Yandex as а "Friend" at a subconscious level. We don't dispute this opinion. So we trust Yandex for 1000%.
The main principles of SEO
And now let's change the reality: I am a seller. I want Yandex Direct to tell my friends about me at the top at least 3 positions. What should I do?

Here! We can say that SEO promotion is an opportunity to get for my website the very highest recommendations of Yandex from the mass of competitors' websites.

SEO - promotion is a whole science. There are a lot of keywords, tags, codes, and lots of different subtleties for which Yandex ranks websites. If you make less of these ranking factors, then Yandex will rush by and not notice.

If you have a lot of fanaticism ("you can't spoil the porridge with butter"), then Yandex will consider that you are an attacker. So Yandex will block you into the dungeon of its bottomless archive. If you show even more fanaticism, then Yandex will block your IP and never promote anything from your mailbox. And you will think that your "karma is bad" and "feng shui is incorrectly presented".

We offer to transfer the search traffic concern to our specialists.
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