Advertising on social networks
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SMM and Targeting
Social Media Marketing (promotion in social networks) is a set of measures aimed to attract the user's attention through social networks.
the appearance of customers in the first days after launch;

reducing the cost of leads attracting;

wide coverage of Central Asia;

testing a niche, a new product;

attracting a stream of interested visitors to the site;

opportunity to be closer to your target audience.
Why targeted advertising is needed?
Advantages of promotion in social networks
a big resource - daily attendance of social networking pages more than other resources;

powerful detuning from other types of advertising, simultaneous work on attracting, retaining and returning customers;

only specific target audience, opportunities to attract the most targeted customers;

easy target the availability of a variety of tools and settings;

simple and powerful Analytics detailing campaign;

customer retention, channel for retargeting;

no need for a website - you can receive orders and sell directly on social networks;

the cost of interaction with the target customer is the lowest in social networks.
In order to start promotion in SMM, you need a Foundation - a quality account with interesting and useful content, which is able to collect a large number of subscribers.

And, although SMM promotion depends on which social network the account is registered, there are some common points.
All SMM specialists know how effective targeting advertising in social networks is now.

Experienced professionals set up targeted advertising in such a way that from the second month sales reach their maximum.

So you should not pass by this possibility of social networks.
How to start promotion in social networks
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