Technical audit of the site —
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Errors on the site can lead to:
ranking quality reducing (search engines sites sorting for a particular query);

completely exclude a site from search results;

reduce the quality and speed of indexing pages, etc.
Technical audit of the site
In order to prevent this, it is necessary to conduct a technical audit of the site.

Technical audit of the site is a complex work that allows to identify mistakes and problems affecting indexing, as well as ranking in search engines.

The purpose of the audit is to analyze the technical parameters of the site to identify and correct all errors.
The result of the site analysis is a technical task with a description of all errors found and recommendations for their correction.

Difference from other types of audit

Types of audit:
Search audit (SEO) - shows the degree of visibility of the site by search engines, compliance of texts with user requests, the correct work of the links.

Usability audit - shows the degree of attractiveness of the resource for the average user (ease of navigation through the pages, the quality and usefulness of the information posted for users).

Marketing audit - shows the effectiveness of the resource in the context of the market segment.

Technical audit - analysis of the technical side of the site, which involves checking:
presence of errors in the code;
the correctness of wireframes and software;
page load speeds;
correctness of server responses;
correctness of automatic redirector to another URL;
no duplicate pages;
robots files.txt and site maps;
broken links, etc.
the site is ready to launch;
the site is up and running (at least 2 times per year) - for the detection of new principles of search engines, the users' interests, characteristics of the layout, for further optimization.
When a techniacal audit is needed?
the site invested a lot of effort and money, but it is at the bottom of the search results;
the site has a lot of visitors, but there are no new buyers from the Internet;
the site is sanctioned by Yandex or Google, and therefore decreased performance.
When a techniacal audit is needed prematurely?
For each businessman in web it is neccesary to know about this rule: the more mistakes are on site is equal for less position in search results. It is really important to the percentage of sales.

In order for the site to pass a high-quality technical audit, it is best to contact an experienced marketing agency.
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