Advertising on YouTube and on television—
We know how to gain the height!
YouTube Advertising
ads at the beginning of videos (TrueView In-Stream);
advertising in YouTube search results (TrueView Video Discovery);
splash ads (Bumper Ads);
Creating an advertising campaign on YouTube

Let's imagine that we have a cool video and briefly consider the main phases of its use in an advertising campaign.

How YouTube ads work

Google offers different options for video ads on YouTube:

Advertising in other formats (Display Network):
Product listing ads (hidden sponsorship card
with calls to action);
Overlays in the form of banners (one of the most primitive formats of advertising on YouTube);
Display advertising (above the video in the form of banners)
Creation of the advertising campaign
Phase 1 video Download
Phase 2 Creating your campaign in your AdWords profile
Phase 3 campaign Setup phase (name, budget, language, start dates
and end)
Phase 4 Group ads (targeting):
Of course, it is important not just to run an advertising campaign, but also to monitor its progress. Therefore, it is necessary to check the statistics at least once a week and constantly lubricate the gears of the campaign mechanism.

Many marketing agencies are ready to take on an advertising campaign of any complexity and set up the best targeting. This frees the entrepreneur from unnecessary headaches and allows you to devote time to something valuable and useful.
Like spending time with your family.
Demographics (TA data using Google Analytics and AdWords Report Editor)
Audiences (3 types - interests, intentions and important events in life, remarketing)
Keywords (using AdWords)
Theme (bet on a thematic correspondence with the interests)
Placements (the most specific targeting setting)
Phase 5 Creation of video (enter the URL and wait 1 day check the app)
TV advertising
A separate story videos - direct type active advertisment; demonstrates during or in between programmes, transmissions, film screenings, etc.

TV screensavers - fixed logos; displayed for a certain time.

Reports and jeans - information about the goods or company; presented as a news story, so in many countries is prohibited.

Sponsorship advertising - placement of company logos
in the Studio, on the screen, on the clothes of the presenters and participants during the show, live broadcast; par tial or full payment.

Hidden advertising (Product placement) - use in everyday situations, the advertised product, brand; unobtrusive advertising by reality show participants or actors of television series.

Independent transmission company or the product - the TV shops, presentations, lotteries advertising lottery.
3 criteria for the effective advertising on TV

Television viewers are people of all ages, social statuses, activities and interests.

To effectively promote an advertising campaign on TV, you should determine the budget.
The scale of the channel;
Advertising airtime;
The interests of their target audience.

Someone says that modern advertising is gradually losing ground to Internet marketing. Someone is convinced that this is the most effective marketing tool.

If you look at the statistics, it will make all the disputants go to the corners and calm down. Because, according to it, the degree of effectiveness of advertising on TV is the same as it was 30 years ago. And some marketing agencies will prove it to you.

For example, we will.
The main types of advertising on TV

Product advertising depends on the purpose pursued by the advertising campaign.
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