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Yandex.Market for business
From the seller's point of view, Yandex.Market is a paid trading platform with 6 000 000 potential buyers who are ready to make a purchase on the Internet.

From the buyer's point of view, Yandex.Market is a huge and multi-functional online catalog of goods with the function of choosing the best supplier of goods. In the Market you can find about 9 million different products from 4 thousand online stores.
Flexible features and settings

Many budding entrepreneurs, to join a huge army of warmed buyers to their small detachment of frozen customers, goin through seven circles of hell, just to register their online stores on Yandex.Market.

But, of course, it's worth it.
You can find on Yandex.Market
automatic unloading and updating of the full range of goods of the online store in the Market;
ability to show the site only to those users in whose region the delivery is carried out;
payment for users ' transitions only to the site, not to the ad itself;
the ability to adjust rates and thus take the most profitable places of ads;
the ability to show offers not only in the search results for the market and the card with the description of the product from Yandex, as well as in the display of direct ads, on the sites of the Yandex advertising network and on the map;
the ability to work with user reviews, improve the rating of your online store and thus gain the trust of new customers;
improve your store through regular work with the quality control service;
attraction of offline visitors through points of sale on the map;
the opportunity to participate in the program "Evaluate the store" to improve the rating of the store and get additional feedback.
Owners of online stores, who decided to use this service, need to take very seriously the registration of the site on the Market and get acquainted with all the requirements for the online store and the moderation order.

Each store has only 6 attempts to register on the Market.
If all attempts are exhausted, and the store has not appeared in the catalog, then it will be necessary to work seriously and for a long time both on the site itself and on the business processes that ensure sales. Then negotiate with the quality control service of Yandex so the resource will be allowed to register again.

Such difficulties are not invented in order to complicate the lives of the owners of online stores, but in order to "make life easier for customers", as well as to help any online store to become better.

Therefore, many startups, for the sake of saving their precious time and irreplaceable nerves, turn to marketing agencies for help in registering on Yandex.Market.

Creating an online store is a complex service in many agencies and includes:
site preparation, check-list and price creation;

store registration on the resource;

professional Yandex setting.Market and more.

Get into Yandex.Market is difficult, but if you have the desire to improve and develop your resource, it is quite real and very profitable.
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